Manager: Mrs Lee-Ann Knowles,, Telephone: 046 603 8926
Contact for all Management issues, Advice on best process, or design. Strange problem solving!

PLEASE NOTE: Contact IT at 8288 for all Departmental Copier or Printer solutions on campus.

Logging calls for copiers/printers: 
Please email  for issues with Xerox machines

All HP printers and consumables - please call IT Support

Please refer financial/account/invoice queries directly to Mrs Gouws.

Admin (administrative and financial contacts):
Mrs Anne Gouws, Office Administrator -, Telephone: 046 603 8243

Ms Qondi Ndayi, Administrative Assistant, paper orders & internal accounts, Telephone: 046 603 8242

Mr Ben Kivitts, Clerk, quality control, stores & deliveries -, Telephone: 046 603 8242

Design:  General queries - please email:
Mrs Bronwyn McLean, Designer -, Telephone: 046 603 8065
Mrs Karen Diedericks, acting Designer -, Telephone: 046 603 8051

Design services, for both internal and external production, large format printing & laminating.

Mr Wandile Ranelo, acting DTP Operator -, Telephone: 046 603 8927
Colour printing, digital printing and publishing services.

Photocopying, all black and white work & finishing: binding, cutting, laminating etc.
If you know who is handling your job, please feel free to contact them directly with questions.

Telephone: 046 603 8323

Mr Michael Rala, Senior Operator, 
Mr S Patrick Mpumlo, Operator, 
Mr Luvuyo Gqasana, Operator, 

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