Hall Functions


Guidelines regarding Formal Meals and other Hall Functions in 2009

The Board of Residences approved a proposal from the Director: Residential Operations that formal Hall functions in 2009 would be covered at the cost of four formal dinners per Hall.
These functions could be converted to more, cheaper functions such as brunches on request.
Any additional functions would need to be paid for by the Halls concerned.

Rules regarding Functions

1. Please read the Alcohol Policy, as there are clear guidelines relating to functions and alcohol.

2. It is a University Rule that student functions, particularly parties, may not be held on campus during the two weeks prior to the June examinations or three weeks prior to the November examinations. Neither may they be held during the examination periods.

3. Wardens are required to be present in the residence whenever the students hold a social function, e.g. a braai, cocktail party, etc.

4. The Entertainment Representative must have a copy of the Rules for Social functions.

5. The form "Application for permission to hold a Social Function in the Hall / House" must be completed.

Please read the document regarding rules for social functions in Halls and residences:

 Rules for social functions

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