Quality Assurance

By using a stringent set of checks, Catering Services ensures that the materials used in food preparation are of the highest quality. Quality of prepared food is judged by standards of hygiene, presentation and, of course, taste.

Stock is taken each Monday by the caterer, who then places an order for foodstuffs required for the week. The order is passed to the Catering Manager, Mrs Jay Pillay, who checks the order and then faxes it to the supplier. The stock items, when delivered, are checked for weight and quality by the caterer on duty. All deliveries of foodstuffs are made the day before they are used, so that as far as possible, the food stays in storage at Rhodes for less than 24 hours before being prepared and served.

The Catering Manager also does weekly hygiene inspections of each kitchen to monitor hygiene standards. The inspection meets the standards established by legislation. The kitchens are also inspected by the municipal health authorities, frequently upon the invitation of the University.

The staff of Catering Services are trained to be courteous and professional at all times. Complaints about the food or staff can be directed to the caterer in charge, the Catering Manager, Mrs Jay Pillay or the relevant food representative for your residence.

You may also complete an online Quality Assurance survey here....

You may also contact the Director of Residential Operations, Dr Iain L'Ange , directly if you have any complaints.

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