Housekeeping Services

Housekeeping Services is the department that deals essentially with the cleanliness and hygiene of the university residences, departments and all the ancillary services attached there to. This includes Transit Housing, Janitoring Services, Laundry Services, Messengering, Stores, Sewing Room and Upholstery Services.

Housekeeping department exists mainly to provide a complete hospitality experience to our students and guests. We are committed to providing support to all areas in our care, to enhance the academic project at Rhodes University. This is an in-house staffed Division who are proud to be part of providing a conducive and effective teaching and academic learning environment.





Together we support with our hearts to put our students first!



Housekeeping services, values our professional staff whose responsibility it is to support and render reliable, quality services to Rhodes University and its community.

We pledge our commitment to continuous improvement of quality service through:

•           Adopting a culture of sound and professional work ethic with the focus on productivity.

•           Investing in staff development, who are passionate about the diverse services offered by   adding value to our clients.

•           We provide a conducive and sustainable environment for learning.

By effectively communicating, building team work and partnerships we will exceed our customers’ expectations in all areas within our care.

“We believe happy staff ensures excellent results.”



The above logo was designed by members of the Housekeeping staff.

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