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The South African Crime Fiction Archive aims to list all works of crime fiction that are related to a South African context and published in English, as well as any critical materials written about such works. These texts are documented here under categories “Primary ” and “Secondary”, respectively.  

The archive is a platform than collects the publication details of these materials in a single location for the ease of scholars working in the field. It also provides crime fiction scholars a forum for discussing their area of research. If you have any comments, questions or additions, please post them in our “Forum” section. For specific queries about the publishing history of South African crime fiction, contact Beth LeRoux at Beth.LeRoux@up.ac.za.

The archive would like to acknowledge the work of Beth LeRoux from the University of Pretoria, Mike Nicol of Crime Beat @ Sunday Times Books LIVE, and the National English Literary Museum (NELM).


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