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South African Numeracy Chair (SANC) Project

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We are a hub of mathematical activity, passion & innovation that blends teacher & learner numeracy development with research in mathematics education in Grahamstown and South Africa.


Within the SANC project endeavour, our key projects include: 

Community of Practice

The Chair and the project team participate in an annual Mathematics Community of Practice forum which is organised by the NRF.

The 2016 COP took place at Rhodes University on 6-7th September.

Latest presentation: COP Presentation 2014

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About Us

We are one of the maths education Chairs jointly funded by the FirstRand Foundation, Anglo American, Rand Merchant Bank, the Department of Science and Technology and is administered by the National Research Foundation. Our joint aims are:

  • To improve the quality of teaching of in-service teachers at the primary school level
  • To improve learner performance in primary schools as a result of quality teaching and learning
  • To research sustainable and practical solutions to the challenges of improving numeracy in schools
  • To provide leadership in numeracy education and increase dialogue around solutions for the mathematics education crisis?

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