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Reporting cases

Students are encouraged to report any matters of Harassment to Dr Zethu Mkhize the Manager of Harassment and Discrimination under the Equities and Instutional Division.

Students (and staff) have four options when reporting:

  • Just to report for record purposes
  • To request that the alleged perpetrator be called in and strongly advised to stop behaviour - record kept (complainant may escalate matter at any point) although the Director of Student Affairs has no power to issue a no contact order, they can STRONGLY advise the alleged perpetrator to stop the behaviour
  • Mediation
  • Disciplinary action

If point 2 is requested, the Manager of Harassment and Discrimination will facilitate this process

If point 3 is requested (Mediation), this is facilitated by Division of Student Affairs office (there are currently 25 trained mediators)

If point 4 is requested (Disciplinary action), the matter is escalated to individuals who will meet with complainant and establish facts of the case.  The Division of Student Affairs trusts this disciplinary process.  The individual may be referred to the Legal Aid Clinic in New Street to facilitate a possible court interdict, as necessary. The complainant is also welcome to report matter to the South African Police.

If the safety of the student is considered to be a concern, a request may be made to the Vice Chancellor to issue a no contact order.  The Vice Chancellor will then call in the alleged perpetrator and explain that he/she may have no contact with the complainant, in failing to comply with this, they will be immediately suspended.  Only the Vice Chancellor has the right to issue a no contact order.

It is important to consider the interest of the complainant at ALL times. The complainant must be consulted with regards to public notices, media statements, whether lecturers or wardens etc. and  should be informed, and asked whether they are comfortable with e-mail messages etc.

The Division of Student Affairs works very closely with the student to ensure that they are 'protected' throughout the process and that beneficence and non-maleficence are core values.

The Division of Student Affairs office has the students interest at heart. The Office of Equity and Institutional Culture focuses on awareness raising and activism work.

The Vice Chancellor is supportive of the above mechanisms

The student is referred to Counselling and receives support throughout.
Contact: (046) 603 8181 or studentaffairs@ru.ac.za

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