Appeal against exclusion on academic grounds


(RULE G.7 refers)


N.B. The closing date for appeals is Monday 6 February 2012.




  1. Submit your appeal using the appropriate form. It should be submitted in good time but note the very important point 6 below. The closing date is Monday 6 February and no late applications will be considered.


  1. On receipt of your appeal your academic record will be endorsed with the comment “Appeal against exclusion received”. The comment will be visible on ROSS (Rhodes on-line Student Service) a few hours but no later than 24 hours after it is captured as there is a short delay in uploading data from the database to ROSS. You can check on the comment to confirm that we have received your appeal.


  1. Your appeal will then be considered by the appropriate Dean. If your appeal is successful you will be re-admitted and a re-admission comment will appear on your academic record. If you see the comment on ROSS you will know that you have been re-admitted and that you are expected to register on the appropriate day in February 2012.


  1. If your appeal to the Dean it is not successful your appeal will be referred to an Appeals Review Committee. The committee comprises the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & Student Affairs) and/or the Registrar and two other Deans (other than the Dean who turned down your appeal). The referral of your appeal to the Committee will be automatic, it does not require you to do anything.


  1. The decision of the Appeals Review Committee will be FINAL and no further appeals will be entertained. Depending on the outcome, your academic record will be endorsed with either a readmission comment or the comment “Appeal against academic exclusion unsuccessful”. Note the comment on ROSS to determine the outcome of your appeal. The outcome will also be emailed, faxed or posted to you, depending on the choice you indicated on the appeals form.


  1. From the above you will see that if your appeal to the Dean is unsuccessful your appeal will be automatically reviewed by a committee. This means that you have only ONE opportunity to submit an appeal so you MUST ensure that the appeal is complete and fully substantiated (psychologist or doctors reports, death certificates, etc). You will not have an opportunity to provide new evidence after the submission so you must not submit your appeal unless it is complete.


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