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Africa is often viewed, by its inhabitants and outsiders alike, as something of a basket case. What is rarely discussed are the things that make Africa relevant, the things that make the world a better place for having Africa and it’s people in it, the things that have inspired Africa and the Africa that inspires the world.  This is about to change.

Rhodes University is getting involved with ‘ideas worth spreading’ this year with its inaugural TEDx event scheduled for August. Four of the speakers for the event have already been announced and applications to attend are pouring in! 

TED (technology, entertainment and design) started in California nearly thirty years ago as an annual conference devoted to giving the best ideas the space they need to inspire, develop and spread. Today, TED has become a global brand, a respected non-profit organisation that enables anyone, anywhere in the world, and in a rapidly growing selection of languages, to be inspired by thought leaders from any field, be it music, business, or science. More than 1000 TED talks are now freely available online at, and this open fount of knowledge and inspiration grows every day.

TED has begun issuing independent licences to enable the independent organisation of local events that are free to focus on local issues and ideas. These are called TEDx events. TEDxRhodesU is our university's independently organised TEDx event scheduled to be held at the Rhodes Box Theatre on the 12th of August 2012. The theme: Africa Inspired. Grahamstown’s first TEDx event will feature local and national leaders in fields as diverse as politics, literature and cosmology brought together to share something of incalculable value: their ideas.


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