OUTRhodes NOH8 Campaign

OUTRhodes in an attempt to create awareness will be conducting a photoshoot along the lines of the NOH8 campaign done in the USA. The aim is to H8 against H8 and discrimination of all forms.

This will be an amazing opportunity for Society's, individuals and groups to get involved as well as a bit of advertising on your part.

So if you and your Comm are Keen to come through to the photo shoot and support the fight against h8 please let us know.

The photoshoot will run from about 2pm in the AMM on Saturday the 12 May but if we know your comm is coming through we are more than happy to book you a specific slot.

Please let us know by Friday 12 noon if you are interested. You can also join event on FB here

OUTRhodes Society



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