Rhodes Men Step Up this Purple Thursday

With Women's Week coming up we wanted to find a way to get the guys involved and we realised that since Rhodes men are making huge strides to be part of the solution to the inequalities of our society we should celebrate that. We have found a way for men to publically take a stand against violence and for justice and equality and this is how you can get involved this Thursday (02 August):

  • wear your purple Silent protest shirt
  • sign a pledge against sexual violence
  • bring along an old sock (you know the washing machine always eats one so we all have a few mismatched ones lying around), write your name on it and peg it to one of the 'life' lines we will have in the library quad. We want to fill these lines as a way to symbolise the strides we are making towards justice for our mothers, sisters, partners and friends

As always, there will be cupcakes up for grabs so please come along, step up for equality on Rhodes campus, get rid of the lonely socks in your cupboard and maybe score an awesome cupcake :)

Brought to you by

Your SRC, the Purple Thursday Team, GAP and the Dean of Students Division


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