Dear Rhodes Students


The SRC election process has been underway as of Wednesday 3rd August 2011, with the closing date for nominations being Friday 12th August 2011. There are a number of portfolios which are uncontested and vacant.

For this reason, I, George Kahn, by the power vested in me as the Electoral Officer, do hereby declare the re-opening of the nominations for the following portfolios in keeping with Schedule 7, Article 1.1.7 of our Rhodes University Constitution of the Students:

the constitution provides for the following:

"1.1.7 Where, at the closing of nominations in any constituency there:

"2 is only one nomination, nominations shall be reopened for a further twenty four hours. In addition, the constituency shall be informed of the identity of the unopposed candidate" [RHODES UNIVERSITY- Constitution of the Students, 2004].

The following candidates have enlisted their nomination with no opposition:

  1. PRESIDENT (3 positions and only 4 nominations were received at the close of the nominations period, and one prospective candidate has subsequently withdrawn, at this time).

Mr Martin Forsyth  [10F0235]

Mr Matthieu Maralack [10m0365]

Ms Zintle Matshaya [08m4071]

  1. HALL REPRESENTATIVES (only 3 nominations from 3 different Halls have been received, and the SRC Residence Cllr. is elected from the duly elected Hall Representatives, and so it is important to receive nominations from every hall, notwithstanding whether or not the Hall recognises the SRC Hall Representative).

Hobson Hall: Ms Carachel Wroots [10w3886]

Jan Smuts Hall: Mr Bheki Kweza [10k0419]

Kimberley West Hall: Mr Pedro Fernandes [10F0066]

I herewith advise that students who object to the unopposed candidates use the 24 hour window period, beginning Thursday, 18 August at 12:00 (noon), and closing on Friday, 19 August at 12:00 (noon), as provided for by the constitution, to present a candidate to contest the aforementioned portfolios. In the absence of any objections (by way of nominations) the candidate shall be elected unopposed.


Mr George Kahn B.Sc., B.Soc.Sci., LL.B.

2011 SRC Electoral Officer Extraordinary


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