SRC Update


At the beginning of the year, former SRC Treasurer Mr. Pedro Mzileni had updated his Facebook status with an offensive post implicating the Dean of Students. The SRC released a press statement distancing itself from the status update given its non-affiliation with the Facebook post and by extension, the former councillor. This saw criticism by members of the Student Body and questioned the SRC?s stance regarding forms of discrimination.

The SRC acknowledges the approach used and further extends its apologies to students that felt offended by the statement released. 

The SRC wishes to re-affirm its stance fervently against racism and all other forms of discrimination listed under Section 9 of the
constitution of the Republic of South Africa.


Many of us know that Purple Thursday exists, but do not necessarily know what it is all about. It is certainly more than just handing
out free cupcakes!

The Purple Thursday initiative is spear headed by your SRC in collaboration with Sports Administration and Rhodes Alumni House in an
attempt to tackle pertinent issues relevant to Rhodents. Collectively, we are to utilize this platform in order to gain support from the student body in various spheres of student life at Rhodes.

By wearing purple, you are pledging your support against all forms of discrimination and oppression and standing in solidarity with
social issues that affect us and our fellow students on a day to day basis. 

Purple Thursdays will more specifically be used as a weekly event leading up to Intervarsity and a way to foster a Rhodent identity
amongst students.

We call on students, staff, alumni and old Rhodians to wear purple on Thursdays.

One Rhodes, One Rhodent.


The SRC regretfully announces the resignation received from Ms Amirah Kolia in her capacity as your International Councillor. She has
decided to de-register from the University due to personal and unforeseen circumstances. Ms Kolia served her term as an Executive member of the SRC with the utmost humility. We wish her well in all her endevours.

We thus congratulate the runner-up, Ms Vanessa Siwawa-Ndai who has accepted the portfolio on offer of the vacancy and will serve as the new International Councillor for the duration of our term in office.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Students, I am further obliged to announce that your Academic Councillor, Mr Sakhe Badi was elected from Council to occupy the Executive in the vacancy left by Ms Kolia. We extend our congratulations to him as well.

Matthieu Maralack

SRC President 2012


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