General Fee Information

The full schedule of all the fees and charges for 2020 can be found under Fees and Financial Aid:

 Below you will find general fees that you can expect to pay when applying to Rhodes University.

Application Fees

The closing date for applications from all new students for admission to the University is 30 September. This is also the official deadline for foreign applicants.

Initial applications for admission must be accompanied by a non refundable application fee of R100 for all applicants. Late applications will be considered.

No applications from foreign students can be considered after 30 September.

Tuition Fees

R34 953 to R62 241 (this varies from degree to degree)

Allow approximately R5 500 for books and stationery.

Note: that these fees shown do NOT include travel expenses or pocket money.

Residence Fees

R64 655 to R67 880 for undergraduate degrees and R76 617 for postgraduate rersidence (Undergraduate residences includes all meals but excludes vacations)
The residence fees also depend on the grade of accommodation chosen.

Acceptance Fees

Tuition Acceptance Fee

This deposit is payable on acceptance of an academic place at the University.
Fee payable for 2020 is R800.

This deposit must be paid by a date specified in the letter of acceptance.

The deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited should the student choose
not to register
at the University.

Residence Acceptance Fee

On acceptance of a place at the University, a R1 000.00 residence deposit must be paid
before a student is allocated to residence

This deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited to the University should the student
fail to register and into residence for at least one term

Notice of Withdrawal – deregistration from Rhodes as well as withdrawing from residence

All students, both postgraduate and undergraduate, or their parents or guardians must give notice of intention to discontinue attendance, in writing, to the Registrar. A separate letter requesting a refund of any monies due must be sent to the Director of Finance.

  • Any student who has registered for a course of study and who, for any reason leaves during the year is liable for a pro-rata fee up to the date of cancellation for tuition and or residence fees, the basis of calculation will be on 248 days for the year.
  • Any student who withdraws their application for tuition or residence, before registration will be liable for a cancellation fee of 10% if less than one month’s notice is given or 2.5% if longer.

In the case of an early withdrawal from Residence, for any reason, other than immediate family bereavement, medical illness or academic exclusion, a cancellation fee of two months Residence Fee will be levied over and above the fee calculation for the period of residence accommodation. A penalty will not be charged if a provisional residence booking is cancelled prior to the Initial Fee (IF) deadline of 17 January 2020.


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