Student Fees FAQ


Q: Banking Details for Rhodes University.
A. First National Bank, Grahamstown Branch,
Acc. Nr. 62145504553,Br Code 21 0717,Swift code:FIRNZAJJ

Q: What are the fees for 2020?
A: Use the 2019 fee schedule and add 5.4% or look at the 2020 Fees Booklet under Fees and Financial Aid

Q: Balances on Student Accounts.
A. Look up on the web under Ross.

Q: When are foreign students full payments due(Adjusted annually)
A. For 2020 the deadline is 31st May 2020.

Q: What is Initial Fee Payment and how much is it.(Adjusted annually)
A. Initial Fee Payment for foreign students, 50% tuition and residence. Initial Fee Payment for South African students only, 2020 : 10% of Tuition Fees and 25% of Residence Fees. "IMPORTANT" In order to register you will be required to complete the RU PAYMENT PLAN FORM 2020 should you not be paying the full fees upfront or by debit order and email it to before 24th January 2020. 

Q: When is the deadline for the Registration Fee(Adjusted annually)
A. 17th January 2020

Q: How much is the Initial Fee Payment?
A: South African Students can budget arround R5,400.00 for tuition and R16,900.00 for Residence and International Students R26,100 for tuition and R33,900 for Residence.
Further please note:

  • You need to complete the RU Payment Plan form and return them to or fax 046 603 7019;
  • Please refer to the various options available.

Q: Information required regarding NSFAS(Undergrad Finaid).
A. Contact Thami Matiwana : 046 603 8248 or

Q: Information required regarding Postgrad funding.
A. Contact John Gillam : 046 603 8179 or email

Q: Can we make payment arrangements?
A. Arrangements must be made by e-mailing or by phone (046 603 8743), with a firm proposal, dates and amounts. Please note that the Fees Committee will only reconvene in January 2020.

Q: When will Rhodes University shutdown for the holidays?
A: Rhodes will close on the 13th December 2019 and reopen on 6th January 2020.

Additional information: Please visist the following website.
Undergraduates or
for further fees information consult our Fees Booklet online,
as well as to download debit order and credit card forms



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