GALLERY: Heritage Day

Show Me Your Roots took place in the Great Hall on 24 September 2014 as part of Heritage Day and gave students the opportunity to experience diverse cultures.

Show Me Your Roots was a cultural display which enabled students to taste the foods from other cultures and to learn about and celebrate their own and other cultures. Some of the dishes available were Khamere, a drink made from ginger originating in Lesotho, Chinese dumplings stuffed with different types of seeds and Madora, a native Zimbabwean dish made out of edible caterpillars. Tinashe Jani, Zim Society representative commented, “We prepared something that we enjoy so that other people can enjoy it to.”

“It’s interesting to see what others eat and what other cultures there are at Rhodes University,” said Dennis Kawawa, a Malawian Society representative at the event.

Tables were set up for China, Eastern Africa, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia at the event. The Great Hall was decorated in white draping with many different flags attached. Many of the students attending the event dressed in attire traditional to their culture.

Students attending the event were given passports at the entrance. The passports were stamped by the different country representatives at the different food stalls as the students made their way around the venue. The event attracted a large audience which contributed to the festive atmosphere. The country representatives were extremely approachable and able to answer most of the questions that students asked them about their cultures.

The Sopranos, Tsukuduneo, Signature Sound, Tessa Ware and Blah ze Blah performed during the event. The sound from these performers created background music for the main event in the Great Hall.

Show Me Your Roots was organised by the International Office and Zulu Society. “It gets people to share their heritage and to mix, talk and encourage multiculturalism,” commented Allan Magubane, Projects and Events Officer at International Office.

Words by Lauren Buckle

Article Source: Oppidan Press

Source:  Oppidan Press

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