Protocol not followed in DoS changeover

Since the resignation of former Dean of Students (DoS) Dr Vivian de Klerk, Rhodes University has seen a number of changes in the leadership of the institution. For one, the Director of Student Affairs division has replaced the DoS division as of 1 July 2014, led by Acting Director of Student Affairs Dr Colleen Vassiliou. However, The Oppidan Press has learned that the review of the DoS division did not follow due and fair processes. Registrar at Rhodes University Dr Stephen Fourie was tasked with reviewing the DoS division, which happens at the end of every change of leadership. Fourie was assisted by Natalie Ripley, head of data management at Rhodes. "We reviewed it and made various recommendations, most have which have been adopted," said Fourie. "The major change is that there will be a Director of Student Affairs and it will not be an academic position but a support staff position." The review process requires a submission from the division that is being reviewed. The committee, including members from the division being reviewed, put together a report with recommendations for the future of the division. According to de Klerk, this did not happen with the review of the DoS position. "Myself and my division were completely bypassed," said de Klerk. "A full committee should have been drawn together of the people who understand how the division works."

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Source:  Oppidan Press

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