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About the SRC

The SRC is founded by the students, for the students, with a developmental consideration of the functional needs of the University student population. We, as the active voice of the Student Body, acknowledge our duty to maintain a key responsibility in the workings of the Institution.

To be a student-oriented approachable institution which fosters a conducive developmental environment in and outside of the academic sphere and committed to the advancement of student needs in a speedy, responsible, empathetic and transparent manner.

In pursuit of this vision, the SRC will strive to develop an informed student body that is able to participate in institutional co-governance and transformation in a scholarly and progressive manner.

SRC undertakes to:

  • Disseminate information for the benefit of all students at regular intervals, to listen and be compassionate, to entertain whilst emphasizing the need for academic excellence, to strive for better communication with and participation of the student body.
  • Increase participation of students in Community Engagement and make this an integral part of a Rhodes University education in a practical and relevant manner both for students and the community of eRhini.
  • Engage itself in a collective-leadership style and not be a vacuum.
  • Engage constructively with International students to better provide synergies for growth both for them and South AfricansListen and hear.
  • Academic development - Ensuring quality education for all students and making sure that the curriculum is consistent with national education standards. Monitoring the academic environment within Rhodes University and protecting students against prejudice and discrimination based on race, gender or any other barriers.
  • Exclusions - Appealing on behalf of students who are academically or financially excluded, ensuring equal and fair treatment for all students.
  • Undertaking quality assurance on all services offered by the institution to students, such as library services and residences
  • Entertainment - Running entertainment programmes that enhance the social development of students at all levels.

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