Prof. Martin Hill

SARChI Research Chair in Entomology
Professor and Head of Entomology
Director: Centre for Biological Control (CBC)
President of IOBC Global

F18, First Floor, Life Science Building
046 603 8712

PhD, Entomology, Rhodes University (1995)

Prof. Hill completed his PhD at Rhodes University in 1995. He worked at the Plant Protection Research Institute (PPRI) of the Agricultural Research Council in Pretoria from 1995 to 2002 and moved to Rhodes University as Head of Entomology from 2002.  Promoted to full Professor in January 2009 and to Distinguished Professor in January 2018.  Currently holds the South Africa Research Chair Initiative chair in “Insects in sustainable agricultural ecosystems”. In 2020, Martin was elected as the President of IOBC Gloabl. 

Professor Hill’s research interests include the biological control of invasive alien aquatic weeds and insect pests. He has worked extensively throughout Africa on the control of aquatic weeds such as water hyacinth, salvinia, water lettuce, red water fern and parrot’s feather.  Recent research includes the development of microbial agents (entomopathogenic fungi and viruses) for the control of pests in citrus and other crops.


Recent publicaitons

Musedeli, J.N., Simelane, D.O., Hill, M.P. and Marais, M. 2020. Additive interaction between a root-knot nematode Meloidogyne javanica and a root-feeding flea beetle Longitarsus bethae on their host Lantana camara. Pest Management Science 76: 189-204.

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Acheampong, M.A., Hill, M.P., Moore, S.D. and Coombes, C.A. 2020. UV sensitivity of Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae isolates under investigation as potential biological control agents in South African citrus orchards. Fungal Biology 134: 304-310.

Motitsoe, S.A., Hill, M.P., Avery, T.S. and Hill, J.M. 2020. A new approach to the biological monitoring of freshwater systems: mapping nutrient loading in two South African rivers, a case study. Water Research 171:  Article 115391

Aigbedion-Atalor, P.O., Abuelgasim Mohamed, S., Hill, M.P., Zalucki, M.P., Azrag, A.G.A. Srinivasan, R. and Ekesi, S. 2020. Dolichogenidea gelechiidivoris (Hy-menoptera: Braconidae), a candidate for classical biological control of Tuta absoluta in Africa.  Biological Control 144: 104215.

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Coetzee, J.A., Langa, S.D.F., Motitsoe, S.N. and Hill, M.P. 2020. Biological control of water lettuce, Pistia stratiotes L., facilitates macroinvertebrate biodiversity recovery: a mesocosm study.  Hydrobiologia 847:3917–3929.

Egbon I, Paterson I.D., Compton S., and Hill M.P. 2020. Evolution of growth traits in invasive Pereskia aculeata (Cactaceae): testing the EICA hypothesis using its specialist herbivore, Catorhintha schaffneri (Coreidae). Pest Management Science. 76: 4046-4056.

Miller, B., Coetzee, J.A. and Hill, M.P. 2021. Mind the gap: Evidence for delayed recovery of a biological control agent population on water hyacinth in the Eastern Cape Province (South Africa) after winter.  Bulletin of Entomological Research 111: 120–128.

Albertyn, S., Moore, S.D., Marsberg, T., Coombes, C.A. and Hill, M.P. 2021. The Influence of citrus orchard age on the ecology of entomopathogenic fungi and nematodes. Biocontrol Science & Technology 31: 80-96.

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Book Chapters

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