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SAAA/IAAER Conference

Date Released: Wed, 29 July 2015 12:28 +0200

The Rhodes University Department of Accounting was represented by eight members of staff at the biennial SAAA/IAAER Conference held in East London at the end of June. The International status of the conference ensured a high standard of the research papers presented by delegates. Peta Myers, our Accounting 1 lecturer, presented an accounting education paper titled: “How knowledge structures impact on teaching and learning in an Introductory Accounting Course”. A second paper, co-authored by Professor Mark Bunting and Professor Kevin Barnard, titled “Fundamental analysis in the South African equity market: A study of the relationship between accounting information and subsequent equity returns” was also presented. Professor Lilla Stack chaired a concurrent tax session and presented in the meeting of tax educators. Further reports on the conference can be obtained at: http://www.saaa.org.za/News