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Grahamstown Series

The Graham's Town Series was published by various presses over the years on behalf of Rhodes University. This series consists of edited diaries, collections of letters and other material relating to the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Available from the Cory Library. Grahamstown Series 1-5 @ R228.00 plus postage and packing; Grahamstown Series 8 @ R2 500.00 plus postage and packing; Grahamstown Series 10 @ R342.00 plus postage and packing; Grahamstown Series 11 @ R500.00 plus postage and packing; Grahamstown Series 13 @ R285.00 plus postage and packing; Grahamstown Series 14 @ R459.00 plus postagae and packing; Grahamstown Series 15 @ R329.00 plus postage and packing.
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1. The journal of John Ayliff, 1821-1830
[edited by] Peter Hinchcliff

3. The journal of Sophia Pigot
Margaret Rainier

4. The reminiscences of Thomas Stubbs
W A Maxwell and R T McGeoch

5. The reminiscences of Richard Paver
A H Duminy with L G Adcock

13. The journal and selected letters of Rev. William J Shrewsbury, 1826-1835
Hildegard H Fast

14. ‘Jim's Journal’: the diary of James Butler
Jane Garner

15. Diary of Captain James Maurice Primrose
Dr Caroline Jackson

Out of print

2. The journal of William Shaw
W D Hammond-Tooke

6. The reminiscences of John Montgomery
A Giffard

7. The journal and selected writings of Tiyo Soga
Donovan Williams

8. The journal of Charles Lennox Stretch
Basil A Le Cordeur

9. The historical "conversations" of Sir George Cory
J M Berning

10. The reminiscences of Amelia de Henningsen (Notre Mere)
Margaret Young

11. Rev. F G Kayser: journal and letters
Chris Hummel

12. The Albany journals of Thomas Shone
Penelope Silva

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