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Contact Information for students in Courtenay-Latimer Hall

Postal address:

The Postal Address for students of the Hall is: (Name of Student), (Name of House, either Oriel, Beit or Jameson), Private Bag 1031, Grahamstown, 6140 South Africa

Residential address:

The residential address for courier services or deliveries is (Name of House, either Oriel, Beit or Jameson), University Road, Rhodes University, Grahamstown.


Public telephones in each residence are as follows:
Beit House: Telkom voucher phones, +27-46-622-9025, +27-46-622-8273 & +27-46-622-9021;
Jameson House: Telkom voucher phone, +27-46-622-9020;
Oriel House: Telkom voucher phone, +27-46-622-9022;


Students can use the Student Bureau facilities (+27-46-603-8300) to send and receive faxes.  Ensure the name of the addressee and their residence is on any fax sent to the Bureau.

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