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“…boys will be boys”

“…boys will be boys” and will naturally do “boy things.” By the same token, “men will be men” and will continue to do “men things.” (Bird, 1996, p. 125)

Catriona Macleod is awarded the title of Distinquished Professor

Congratulations to Catriona Macleod who has been awarded the title of Distinguished Professor by Rhodes University in recognition of her outstanding scholarly achievement and intellectual leadership. We couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this honour!

CSSR students acknowledged at VC’s function

The Vice-Chancellor of Rhodes University recently hosted students who had published papers or received awards at a special function.

Brief Reflection: A Feminist in our midst

I took the opportunity to present a paper based on my research (Feticide, the woman and the doctor) and represent the CSSR (and Rhodes University) at the Free State Provincial Health Research Day this week. It made sense, as I make use of the public health services provided in the Free State and work to assist with the training of medical students in this province as well.

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‌Abortion in Context

Feminism & Psychology Special Issue

We are pleased to introduce Part 2 of Feminism & Psychology’s Special Issue on Abortion in Context. In this part, we turn attention to experiences and meanings surrounding an abortion, rather than macro-level issues. The articles focus on individuals’ accounts of processes involved in an abortion – reaching a decision to terminate a pregnancy, undergoing the procedure, and coming to terms with any social disapproval that may follow. The overarching theme of both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Special Issue is that abortion (and women’s reproductive lives more generally) must be seen in context – whether medical, socio-cultural or legal context; or immediate material and interpersonal context.