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CSSR condemns anti-gay legislation

Date Released: Tue, 8 April 2014 09:37 +0200

The Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction research programme denounces the signing of both the anti-homosexuality legislation recently passed in Nigeria and Uganda.

This legislation, which is sweeping and broad and which has been accompanied by language that encourages extreme scapegoating, was promulgated within the context of growing gender oppression (e.g. an Anti-Pornography Bill that will effectively criminalise wearing short skirts in Uganda). 

The legislation not only defines sexuality within a narrow bandwidth of patriarchal heterosex, it also pre-defines sexualised subjectivities and robs people of access to basic citizenship rights and social justice.

For coverage of these events and the fall-out, go the following sites:


Source:CSSR and online news articles