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Men's Pathways to Parenthood

Date Released: Fri, 24 July 2015 09:42 +0200

How does the decision to become a parent unfold for heterosexual men? Is becoming a father a 'decision' at all or a series of events?

These questions are the starting point for this critical book, in which the authors, Tracy Morison and Catriona Macleod, unravel the social and interpersonal processes – shaped by deeply entrenched socio-cultural norms – that come to bear on parenthood decision-making in the South African context. Drawing on the narratives of white, Afrikaans women and men, Men's Pathways to Parenthood uses an innovative discursive method to illuminate the roles masculinity, whiteness, class, and heteronormativity play in these accounts. Men's Pathways to Parenthood addresses an under-researched topic in gender studies – namely, men and reproductive decision-making – and will be an important resource for scholars in gender studies, sexualities, and reproductive health, as well as those interested in innovative approaches to discursive research.

You can access information about this book at the HSRC Press website

Source:Tracy Morison and Catriona Macleod