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Sam Munro Obtains MSc with Distinction as part of ENREFA

Date Released: Tue, 17 March 2015 15:27 +0200

Congratulations to Sam Munro for being awarded her M Sc degree with Distinction for the research topic entitled " A WATER FOOTPRINT ASSESSMENT: A CASE STUDY OF THE LOWER SUNDAYS RIVER VALLEY CITRUS FARMS, EASTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA'.

One of the examiners commented that the topic explored in this thesis is very relevant, not only in South Africa, but globally. Being one of the first water footprint assessments in South Africa, and being based on site specific data, the research reported in this thesis makes a valuable contribution towards the generation of information needed for effectively informing water users and policy makers towards sustainable use of freshwater in the production of citrus in the LSRV. The candidate and he supervisors have to be commended for a job very well done.