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Rhodes > English Language and Linguistics > People > Ian Sieborger

Ian Siebörger

Lecturer Ian Sieborger

PhD (Rhodes)
Email: ian.sieborger@ru.ac.za

Research interests:

  • Systemic Functional Linguistics
  • Legitimation Code Theory
  • Media discourse
  • Political discourse
  • Linguistic ethnography
  • Sign Language linguistics

Modules taught:

  • Linguistics 1 Language in the Media
  • Linguistics 2 & 3 Systemic Functional Linguistics
  • Linguistics 2 & 3 Introduction to Sign Language Linguistics
  • Professional Communication
  • Professional Communication for Accountants
  • Postgraduate Language and Knowledge
  • Postgraduate Sign Language Linguistics



PhD thesis:

  • 2018: Siebörger, I. Political constellations: an analysis of the use of language in positioning South African political parties in the Daily Sun. Unpublished PhD thesis. Makhanda: Rhodes University.

Book chapter:

Journal articles:


 Conference presentations:

  • 2018: Siebörger, I. Political positioning in financial news: the case of South Africa’s Business Day. Paper presented at International Congress of Linguists 20, Cape Town, 2-6 July 2018.
  • 2017: Siebörger, I. Political constellations in South Africa’s Daily Sun. Paper presented at Legitimation Code Theory Conference 2, Sydney, Australia, 3-7 July 2017.
  • 2017: Siebörger, I. Prosodies of political transformation in South Africa’s Daily Sun. Paper presented at International Systemic Functional Linguistics Congress 2017, Wollongong, Australia, 10-14 July 2017.
  • 2015: Siebörger, I. Appraisal and axiological semantic density: using Systemic Functional Linguistics and Legitimation Code Theory to investigate political positioning. Paper presented at International Systemic Functional Congress 42, Aachen, Germany, 27-31 July 2015.
  • 2015: Siebörger, I. Using Axiological Semantic Density and Appraisal to investigate political positioning. Paper presented at Legitimation Code Theory Colloquium 1, Cape Town, 17-19 June 2015.
  • 2013: Siebörger, I. Towards an English – South African Sign Language (SASL) Machine Translation System: Gender Distinction in SASL Kinship and Career Terms. Paper presented at LSSA/SAALA/SAALT Joint Annual Conference, Stellenbosch, 1-4 July 2013.
  • 2012: Siebörger, I. The battle of the black box: axiological condensation's role in building procedural knowledge in the South African parliament. Paper presented at International Systemic Functional Congress 39, Sydney, 16-20 July 2012.
  • 2011: Siebörger, I. The interface between managerial and political literacies in the South African Parliament. Paper presented at LSSA/SAALA/SAALT/EPIP Joint Annual Conference, Grahamstown, 26-29 June 2011.
  • 2011: Siebörger, I. and Adendorff, R.D. Spatial negotiation as recontextualization in the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa. Paper presented at Mobility Language Literacy conference, Cape Town, 19-21 January 2011.
  • 2009: Siebörger, I. and Adendorff, R. Towards a linguistic ethnography of recontextualization in the South African Parliament. Poster presented at Explorations in Ethnography, Language and Communication conference, Birmingham, UK, 11 September 2009.


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