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Community Engagement

The department is well known for its hands-on work with rural communities. Community engagement is truly one of our department's cornerstones.  We are engaged in research-linked community engagement through our postgraduate research as well as the work that the Rhodes Restoration Research Group are doing through the Sub-tropical Thicket Restoration Programme.  We are also involved in community-based & stakeholder driven training through our short courses such as the Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) short course, the Land Degradation and the Urban Forestry and Urban Greening short course. 

We are involved in community outreach activities (volunteering) by interacting with local schools to increase environmental awareness.  This is achieved through our annual environmental schools quiz, hosted by our Honours students, through the recently launched Tree for Life Project as well as involvement in the Khanya Maths & Science club.  In addition, we are engaged in service learning through our third year projects as well as serving on boards, policy forums etc. in our capacity as environmental scientists.

Community Engagement Reports

Social learning handbook

Staff from the department, together with colleagues from the Environmental Learning Research Centre, have published a handbook for practitioners that has been four years in the making.  The handbook is based on intensive participatory work conducted with community partners in the Eastern Cape since late 2009, from which lessons are drawn about how community and individual capacity can be built to deal with the multiple stressors that rural people face.  The handbook was peer-reviewed by grass-roots NGO practitioners from around the province and country, and offers practical guidance for community engaged research and development.  

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