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Name: Yondela Norman

Research project title:
Supervisor: Mike Powell
Email: g11N1226@campus.ru.ac.za

Name: Shayla Tricam

Research project title:
Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton
Email: shaylatricam@gmail.com

Name: Andrew King 

Research project title: The ability of green collar jobs to alleviate urban poverty in the Eastern Cape
Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton
Email: g13k0041@campus.ru.ac.za

Name: Khanyisa Qamata


Research project title: Mapping land use and land cover change in the Eastern Cape: Implications for the distribution and provision of natural ecosystem services
Supervisor: Charlie Shackleton
Email: khanyisaqamata@yahoo.com

Name: Stephanie Williams

Research project title: Encouraging energy conservation in South African households

Supervisor: Dr Gladman Thondhlana
Email: spwilliams184@gmail.com

Name: Amanda Manyani

Research project title: Exploring the meanings and attachments of urban green spaces to urban dwellers in the Eastern Cape
Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton
Email: amy.t.manyani@gmail.com

Name: Afika Njwaxu

Research project title: Assessing the implications of forest succession on the composition and abundance of non-timber forest products
Prof Charlie Shackleton

Name: Shannon Herd-Hoare

Research project title: Investigating the role of ecosystem services and ecosystem disservices in rural livelihoods in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton
Email: g12H0176@campus.ru.ac.za

Name: Denis Radebe


Research project title: An assessment of the amount, distribution and use of public urban green spaces in small towns of the Eastern Cape
Supervisor: Prof Charlie Shackleton, Co-supervisor: Dr Michelle Cocks
Email: g07R3489@campus.ru.ac.za

Name: Glen Vembo

Research Project title: Livelihood implications of a Ramsar declaration in the Swartkops Estuary, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Supervisors: Dr Gladman Thondhlana, Co-supervisor: Dr Georgina Cundill
Email: g15V0004@campus.ru.ac.za

Name: Lesego Molobi

Research project title:
Supervisor: Dr Gladman Thondhlana

Name: Nokuthula Dubazane

Research project title: Strengthening resilience in wetland social ecological systems: Exploring the role of adaptive co-management
Supervisors: Dr Georgina Cundill & Dr David Lindley
Email: noksdubazane@gmail.com

Name: Craig Sholto-Douglas


Research project title: Factors influencing survivorship of Portulacaria afra (Spekboom) cuttings, in attempts to restore degraded lands in the Greater Addo Elephant National Park
Supervisor: Mike Powell
Email: c.sholto-douglas@cesnet.co.za

Name: Nobuntu Mapeyi

Research project title: The effect of bioslurry application on fodder production in Macubeni, Lady frère, Eastern Cape
Supervisor: Dr. James Gambiza
Email: nobuntuengen@yahoo.co.uk





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