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RU Policies

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Rhodes University Accreditation Status

Rhodes University Statute

Library Rules

Senate Rules of Order

Smoking Rule at Rhodes



Acceptable Use Policy including network policy and Password policy

Advertising on Campus Policy

Adhoc Committees and Task Teams Policy

Appointment of temporary staff Policy

Assessment of Student Learning Policy

Collection Development Policy

Community Engagement Policy

Curriculum Development Policy

Database Management Policy

Donor Recognition and Stewardship Policy

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Equity Policy

Eradicating Unfair Discrimination and Harassment Policy


External Examining Policy

Faculty and Class Representatives Policy

Fundraising Policy

HIV & AIDS Policy

Ill-Health & Incapacity Policy

Induction Policy

Internationalisation Policy

Job Evaluation Policy

Language Policy

Leave of Absence for Students Policy??

Library Collection Policy

Library Display Policy

Marketing and Advertising for Student Societies & Clubs Policy

Naming Policy


Parental Leave Policy


Plagiarism Policy

Parental Leave Policy

Postgraduate Loan Policy

Postgraduate Supervision Policy

Programmes & Qualifications in Higher Education Policy (a new academic Policy)

Promotion of Academic Staff Policy

Quality Assurance Policy


Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

Recruitment & Selection for Academic Posts Policy

Appendix 1 of Recruitment & Selection for Academic Posts Policy

Recruitment & Selection for the Employment of Casual Staff Policy

Recruitment and Selection for Hall and House Wardens Policy

Recruitment and Selection for Sub-warden Posts Policy

Recruitment & Selection for Support Staff Posts Policy

Appendix 1 of Recruitment & Selection for Support Staff Posts Policy

Recruitment & Selection for Temporary Support Staff Policy

Remuneration for Permanent Academic & Support Staff Policy

Research Ethics Policy

Responsible Use of Alcohol Policy


Short Course Policy

Staff Development Policy

Staff Disability Policy

Student Admissions Policy

Student Disability Policy

Student Disciplinary Code

SRC Constitution

SRC Societies Policy

Web Policy



Protocol for the Adjustment to Individual Academic Remuneration

Protocol for the Appointment of Professor Extraordinaire

Protocol for Staff Discipline

Protocol for Staff Grievance

Code of Ethical Practice in the Provision of Higher Education to International Students

Conditions of Academic Leave

Conditions of Service Academic Probation

Conditions of Service for Deans of Education, Law and Pharmacy

Conditions of Service for the Deputy Deans

Conditions of Service for Deans of Commerce, Humanities and Science

Conditions of Service of External Appointments

Constitution of the Students

Protocol for the Recognition and Reward for Support Staff (Draft)

Protocol for Early Return & Late Departure



Protocol for HoD Appointment

Protocol in the Event of a Minor Injury on Duty

Protocol for Internship Programmes- Employment

Protocol for Kresge Foundation Accelerated Development Programme Employment

Protocol for pregnant students

Protocol for Appointing the Vice Chancellor

Protocol for Probation for Academic Staff

Protocol for Professorial Inaugurals

Protocol for Childcare Support Provision at RU Events

Protocol for post-retirement of Academic Staff

Protocol for Merit Awards

Protocol for the Payment of Professional Registration Fees

Protocol for Payment of Permits for Internationals

Protocol for Employee Accident Insurance Benefits

Protocol on Emergency Management Plan

Protocol on the Use of Illicit Drugs

Protocol Governing Private Work

Protocol of Staff altering Current Employment Conditions of Service

Protocol for HoD academic leave

Protocol regarding employment of temporary staff & teaching assistants

Protocol for Correcting Remuneration Errors

Protocol for the Payment of Transport Allowance

Protocol regarding Sexual Assault

Protocol Relating to Searches of Staff Property and Persons

Protocol for Suicide and Attempted Suicide

Protocol on the Thomas Alty VC Awards

Protocol regarding absenteeism


Protocol regarding staff relocation expenses

Protocol regarding residence & room relocation

RU Allocation&Occupation of Domestic Housing Units in the Transit Pool

RU Library Services Strategic Plan 2013-2015

Protocol for the Scarcity Allowance of Academic Staff

Protocol for the Scarcity Allowance of Support Staff

Protocol for Service Contract - Payment of Permits for Internationals

Protocol regarding the suspension of staff

Protocol for those on exchange permit

Vision & Mission Statement



Acceptable Use ExamplesAcceptable Use Examples

Authorisation for Changes to Shared Resources

Basic Computer Security Precautions 

Guideline for Copyright and Take-down

Guidelines for the Use of Animals in Research (Draft)

Guideline for Computer Upgrade

Guidelines for dealing with Sexual Offenses committed against students

Guidelines for Honorary Title Framework

Guidelines for Gender Considerations in Research Environment

Guidelines for Tutors & Demonstrators at Rhodes University

Guideline for the Appointment Against Academic Leave Funds

Guidelines for the Establishment of Research and Scholarship Entities

Guidelines for the International Students of Rhodes University

Guidelines to the use of email

Guidelines to Employment Equity for Academic Selection Committees

Guidelines to Employment Equity for Support Selection Committees

Guidelines to E-resources

Guidelines for Foreign Payment

Guidelines for Google Apps for Education

Guidelines for Academic Chairs: EEA

Guidelines to network connection

Guidelines to password

Guidelines for Support Chairs: Selection

Guidelines for Appointment and Training of Tutors

Guidelines for the Payment of Responsibility Allowances

Guidelines for Foreign Nationals Working at the University

Guidelines for Library Use and Conduct

Guidelines for Library Services: User Access Categories & Privileges

Guidelines to Acquisition of IT Equipment

Guideline to Apply for Quota Credit

Guideline to Hardware and Software Support Services

Guideline to the Rhodes University Purchase Order System

Guideline to Software Support

Guidelines to Library Artworks

Password FAQs

Guidelines for Petty Cash

Guidelines for Software Support

Guidelines for Travel & Subsistence

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