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Career and Succession

It is recognised that for many support staff being able to build a career at Rhodes University is very important. In turn, management and Heads of Departments would like to see staff grow, develop and advance, not just in the immediate work area but in the institution as a whole.

Changing jobs and building a career may be important to individuals for different reasons:

  • To enjoy new challenges and opportunities
  • To develop different competencies (knowledge, skills and attributes) and remain employable
  • To earn more money
  • Moving to an environment where it is anticipated that better job satisfaction or “fit” with the staff and management will occur.

Not all careers are defined by upward movement on the typical “career ladder”. Often careers may involve changing jobs that are un-related, switching from academia to support staff or vice-versa, lateral moves in the same job area to gain more skills before moving to a higher level post. 

Deciding on that next job should be taken with care. Staff in the Human Resources Development Office can assist in this regard, as can this website, by providing the following information:

  • Your job: Understanding how to use your job as a development platform
  • Career opportunities at Rhodes: Understanding how opportunities become available
  • Your Development Plan: Understanding how to prepare for that next job in a deliberate and focused manner
  • Talking to your Manager: How to have this critical conversation about the next step in your career
  • Feedback: How to access feedback to ensure that you are aware of your strengths and areas of development

Best wishes in taking charge of your future at Rhodes!

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