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Dee Worman
Dee Worman
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New arrival!

Date Released: Mon, 3 December 2018 11:35 +0200

ILAM’s latest deposit is a collection of photographs and other images taken by Dee (Dorene) Worman. The images were taken while accompanying her husband, Derek Worman, whose collection of recordings she donated to ILAM in 2017. The photographs are mainly about traditional music and dance performances in various parts of the old Transvaal.
Dee Worman entered the photography profession in the 1970’s after a 3 year-long apprenticeship at SAR&H Publicity & Travel Photography Dept. She attended part-time art lectures at Johannesburg Technical College where she acquired an appreciation of the arts. Dee was then employed by a commercial photographer as a darkroom assistant. The photographer was an outstanding teacher of the art and craft of photography. Dee acquired skills in still-life and portraiture lighting, and gained competence in other fields, such as advertising, architecture, the industrial sector, PR, documentary filming and weddings. She attended lectures on Design Art and Composition at the Johannesburg Graphic Design School and entered several professional photography competitions for professionals.