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The major goal of academic planning is to make the most effective and efficient use of staff resources, physical facilities and operational funding, thereby ensuring a ‘fit’ between the institutional mission and the resources available. Planning enables the University to:

• plan at the departmental level - to consider the range of courses offered and their long term viability as well as to give departmental staff and the wider University community an opportunity to be involved in academic planning;
• review the existing use of resources in academic departments;
• look for synergies at departmental level, not simply to economise but in order to free up resources for new initiatives;
• appraise and encourage research;
• identify and develop community service activities;
• consider progress made in relation to previous review recommendations;
• highlight areas of good practice;
• ensure departmental activities fit in with the institutional strategic plan;
• view departments in their institutional as well as national and international contexts;
• identify quality assurance (QA) procedures at departmental level and to ensure that these are consistent with the QA policies covering the University as a who

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