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Rhodes University is home to students of all races, classes and cultural backgrounds and we are proud of the equitable and cosmopolitan nature of our student body. To maintain this diversity it is necessary to devise a plan that consistently deliver this diverse group to Rhodes, but unfortunately that’s not the case and this is due to socio-economic situations.   Read More


Since 2011, Rhodes have made a commitment as part of its enrolment and academic planning, and overall institutional planning, to increase in coming years the number of post graduates, their proportion in relative to our students body and their research outputs.  Read More

Student Experience

Driven by its goal of “creating a living and learning student support system and an environment which is inclusive and is conducive to a healthy life-style, personal growth, development and academic success for our students”, Rhodes University has always prided itself on offering its first year students the opportunity to live in one of the University’s residences, and to experience the joys (and sometimes the pitfalls) of communal living as they adjust to being independent and away from their families.   Read More

Grow Endowment

Rhodes University will launch its biggest ever Student endowment fund, Isivivane Endowement Fund. The Fund will seek to raise enough money to be able to deal with the long-term plan making Rhodes home for all that meet its entry requirements.  Read More

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