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LGBTI community discriminated against in higher learning institutions

Date Released : 17/01/2017

Gay and lesbian students from different universities across the country have called on all institutions of higher learning to raise awareness about homosexuality.

What is the value of diversity?

Date Released : 11/02/2016

UCT's Employment Equity Policy states: ‘It is recognised that employment equity is essential to the University’s mission.

“What can be political about bodies?”

Date Released : 11/02/2016

What does the body have to do with politics?

Why Study Humanities?

Date Released : 11/02/2016

Poetry, philosophy, sculpture, dance, history, politics, anthropology, ethics, religion. If you have your heart set on studying any of these

Decolonizing the curriculum within Higher Education within South African universities: How #RhodesMustFall had risen

Date Released : 19/09/2016

Dineo Makgakge, a Honours students in the Department of Political Sciences and International Studies submitted an abstract for the Decolonize the University conference.

Exclusion and the built environment from the perspective of Disability Unit Staff Members (DUSMs).

Date Released : 13/09/2016

Desire Chiwandire a PHD candidate and member of the Higher Education Institutional Culture and Transformation group at the Department of Political and International Studies, Rhodes University. Chiwandire submitted an abstract for the decoloniaty conference at the University of South Africa, Pretoria campus.

The idea of a (decolonial) university: advancing new cultural productions in science

Date Released : 02/09/2016

Sabrina Liccardo a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with the Higher Education Institutional Cultures, Equity and Transformation at the Department of Political and International Studies of Rhodes University submitted abstract for Decoloniaty Conference

Responding to Ethnocentrism

Date Released : 09/06/2016

A response to Ethnocentrism by Ms Rudo Hwami

Challenges facing institutional transformation of historically white South Africa universities

Date Released : 07/06/2016

Two manuscripts are currently being developed from Masixole Booi's MA thesis which examines the Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) for black academics....

Disability Week Talk

Date Released : 02/06/2016

Desire Chiwandire presented a paper on funding mechanisms and students with disabilities durinf disability week

"Why do we still aspire to whiteness?"

Date Released : 01/06/2016

Zuziwe Msomi, who teaches in the Centre fro African Studies, is asking the tough question. Why, in post-apartheid South AFrica, does whiteness still appear 'normal'?And why are people and cultures that don't subscribe to that paradigm routinely 'othered'?

PowerFM Interview Request

Date Released : 31/05/2016

Talking on an article titled "Breaking the silence around lecturers who are sexually harassed by students". on PowerFM

NVivo workshop with Prof Louise Vincent

Date Released : 30/05/2016

An introduction workshop on NVivo

POP at the Community Engagement Symposium

Date Released : 27/05/2016

Members of the Pedagogy of Place (POP) attended the Community Engagement Symposium

Lecturing is not as easy as you think it is

Date Released : 12/05/2016

Seeing through a lecturers point of view

“A true test of my will power”: Reflections on my Master’s and PHD journeys

Date Released : 28/04/2016

reflections from Ms Chipo Munyaki's Master's and PHD journey

Rape Culture on campus

Date Released : 16/04/2016

An anti-rape culture campaign began at Rhodes University recently.

Why boycott graduation, when you can decolonise it through affirming your cultural identity?

Date Released : 22/04/2016

An opinion on the call to boycott graduation as it is graduation season

The fruits of being driven by the curiosity to learn new things

Date Released : 12/04/2016

A narrative of the journey taken by Desire Chiwandire and how his curiosity has motivated him to seek new understanding.

Getting going with academic writing

Date Released : 06/04/2016

– Prof. Louise Vincent speaks to post graduate scholars at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU)16 March 2016

Designing your action research project

Date Released : 06/04/2016

Prof. Louise Vincent presented a workshop on action research to students and academics at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU)9 March 2016

Leadership training on disability

Date Released : 06/04/2016

PhD candidate in Higher Education Institutional Cultures, Equity and Transformation, Desire ‘Des’ Chiwandire gave a presentation during orientation week for a leadership training session on disability

Action Research Seminar

Date Released : 06/04/2016

The Higher Education Institutional Culture Equity and Transformation (HEICET) group recently had a fruitful seminar with Prof Ronél Ferreira on Participatory Action Research (PAR) and Action Research (AR).

Thesis proposal and Photography session

Date Released : 06/04/2016

The Higher Education Institutional Culture Equity and Transformation (HEICET) group recently had a successful thesis proposal seminar with Prof Louise Vincent followed by a photography session with Ms Mia van de Merwe.

Writing is thinking

Date Released : 28/03/2016

Professor Louise Vincent presented a seminar on Academic writing in the Politics department. Honours and Masters Students attended the session.

Rhodes researcher launches partnership with India

Date Released : 11/02/2016

Rhodes Professor of Political Studies Louise Vincent has won a grant from the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Vincent acknowledged for research leadership

Date Released : 11/02/2016

Professor Louise Vincent was selected as a recipient in the Mellon Research Focus Area on Higher Education Institutional Cultures, Equity and Transformation from 2015-2016.

Six academics to deliver inaugural lecturers in 2014

Date Released : 11/02/2016

Six Professors will deliver their inaugural lectures at Eden Grove Blue from May until September this year.