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December ANC conference – what are the realistic expectations?

Most commentators and sections of business see December 2017 as a decisive moment for the country, insofar as someone other than Jacob Zuma is expected to become ANC president.

Matrifocality and shared motherhood

In 1987 Nigerian anthropologist Ifi Amadiume published the book Male Daughters, Female Husbands: Gender and Sex in an African Society, a study on the Igbo people in Nnobi, eastern Nigeria, where she argued that in this society, “the gender ideology governing economic production was that of female industriousness”.

Universities should focus on growth of their cities

The National Arts Festival has come and gone. During the festival Rhodes Business School hosted a leadership programme for managers from a national group so that participants could also experience the festival.

What do we need after Zuma?

Important as corruption and state capture are as features of the Jacob Zuma presidency, they do not represent the only elements that need to be addressed now and in the period that follows, should the removal of Zuma be secured.

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