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Rhodes > Physics and Electronics > Staff > Academic Staff > Mr. Anthony J Sullivan

Mr. Anthony J Sullivan

Mr A J Sullivan

Email: A.Sullivan@ru.ac.za
Office:  Room 39, Physics Building
Tel.: +27 (46) 603 8555
Fax: +27 (46) 603 8757

Phy 301: Module on Signals and Systems
Phy 301: Electronics Practicals
Phy 201: Modules on AC Theory
Phy 1E2: Electronics Literacy
Honours: Computer Interfacing I and II, Electronic Design

3rd year course coordinator
Phy 1E2 course coordinator

Research Interests
•    Embedded control.
•    Low cost MCU development systems.
•    FOSS alternatives in acedemia.

Past Design Projects
•    RU Meal Delivery System
    The original system designed by Prof J Jonas was revamped to allow students to authenticate for meals in dining halls using their RFID student cards.
•    LAN-Based Control System
    A distributed control system was developed to monitor and control campus power usage.
•    Temperature-Differential Instrumentation
    This was a project undertaken for the Botany department, whereby they wanted to measure sap flow in trees by using differential temperature measurements.
•    Access Control System
    This  system was developed for the department to enable controlled access to the department, without issuing keys to students. This was re-engineered to allow the use of RFID cards after the use of iButtons was stopped at Rhodes.
•    Constant Environment Chamber Control
    The control electronics for an old 'Conviron' Environment chamber were redesigned and implemented to allow the Botany department to re-use the old chamber. (In conjunction with A Youthed)

Past Student Research Topics
Various projects in Electronics including design and fabrication of
1.    Intelligent USB powered battery charger (based on chemistry / capacity and ideal charging curves).
2.    Digital Effects Processor
3.    ZigBee Mesh Power Logic Controller - bringing pervasive control to the masses
4.    PAL test pattern generator using a micro-controller

Current Student supervision:
•    Mr Motlhalefi Phele, is working on an Honours project on Intelligent USB powered battery charger (based on chemistry / capacity and ideal charging curves).
•    Mr Stefan Just, is working on an Honours project on a Digital Effects Processor.  The aim being to analyse and replicate common music effects using DSP methods.
•    Mr Charles Strickland  is working on an Honours project to automate the control of the environment in a greenhouse.

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