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Brief reflections on my presentation at SASA 2016

Date Released : 29/06/2016

On Sunday 26 June, I travelled to Rhodes University (a name currently under immense transformational scrutiny) to attend the 23rd annual South Africa Sociological Association Congress

Sociology Department Hosts SASA 2016

Date Released : 20/06/2016

Education in South Africa is a fundamental component of democratic consolidation, socio-economic transformation and social justice. The higher education question in South Africa is a complex web of interrelated race, class, age and gender, nationality and sexual orientation issues.

Land equality a long way off, say professors

Date Released : 01/11/2013

It will take about 250 years for South Africa to make serious headway in ensuring ownership of land in the country is fair.

Mis)understanding land reform: an issue ripe for political plucking

Date Released : 31/10/2013

Two books were launched on land reform on Wednesday night. The land issue is poorly understood but crucial to the country’s politics.

“Ongoing land inequalities in South Africa: what role for engaged scholarship?”

Date Released : 31/10/2013

Rhodes University academics Professor Fred Hendricks and Professor Kirk Helliker will present a seminar at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) on 1 November titled “Ongoing land inequalities in South Africa: what role for engaged scholarship?” along with Professor Lungisile Ntsebeza of the University of Cape Town.

Just give the dispossessed the land they already live on

Date Released : 25/10/2013

Nothing riles me more than the endless debate about land redistribution. It is a debate laden with obscurantism and hypocrisy, an issue the government and demagogues such as Julius Malema, and doubtless more dangerous others still to come, exploit for its highly emotional content, without any realistic policies for dealing with it.

Sociology conference discusses politics at a distance from state

Date Released : 12/10/2012

A recent two-day sociology conference has opened space for the discussion of politics that is at a distance from the state.

African solutions for Africa?

Date Released : 03/11/2011

Dr Issaka Souaré of the Institute for Security Studies in Tshwane recently debated the reality and feasibility of finding African solutions to African problems during his presentation at the Department of Political and International Studies at Rhodes.

China in Africa/Africa in China Colloquium

Date Released : 03/11/2011

On Tuesday (27 September) the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Saleem Badat emphasised the importance of rigorous academic engagement with the human aspects of the growing links between China and Africa.

Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks inspire paper on colouredness

Date Released : 03/11/2011

Politics Masters student, Danielle Bowler, wrote a paper exploring contested constructions of colouredness, after being incensed by a column written by Nomakula “Kuli” Roberts in a Sunday paper.

Fidelity to Fanon

Date Released : 03/11/2011

Mr Richard Pithouse, lecturer in the department of Politics and International Studies, recently presented “Fidelity to Fanon”, which highlights aspects of Frantz Fanon’s philosophy and applies them to aspects of contemporary political life, as part of the 2011 Critical Studies Seminar Series, hosted by the Departments of Politics and International Studies and Sociology

Italian academic speaks about the decline of the Alter-Globalization movement

Date Released : 03/11/2011

“The scant attention paid by sociologists to the decline of the alter-globalization movement in Europe is surprising, when compared to the research effort employed in trying to explain its emergence.” This is according to an Italian academic, Dr Antonio Famiglietti who recently visited Rhodes University’s departments of Politics and Sociology to give a seminar on the decline of the Alter-Globalization Movement in Europe entitled: the decline of the Alter-Globalization movement in Europe: Towards the end of conflict?”.

Liberian diaspora

Date Released : 03/11/2011

Rhodes graduate and lecturer in the department of Political and International Studies at Rhodes, Siphokazi Magadla, recently presented a seminar that tackled issues related to the political economy of diaspora-led African development, and considered the implications of the failed dominant Western led liberal peace model of development and security.

The post-colonial reality-land struggles across Southern Africa

Date Released : 03/11/2011

The book was introduced and discussed by Dean of Humanities Prof Fred Hendricks at a Humanities seminar last week.

The ugly truth about GM crops in the EC

Date Released : 12/05/2011

The Faculty of Humanities together with the Department of Sociology and the Masifunde Education and Development Project Trust recently presented their findings concerning pioneering research in the field of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the Eastern Cape.

Book launch of Peter Gabriel

Date Released : 09/05/2011

The Faculty of Humanities and the Sociology department recently hosted the launch of the book “Peter Gabriel, From Genesis to Growing Up”.

Indentured Chinese Labour

Date Released : 04/08/2011

The departments of Sociology and Politics and International Studies kicked off their weekly Critical Studies seminar series in the second semester with Dr Tu Huynh contesting the ideas surrounding Chinese labour in South Africa, which she said enables one to observe the black white binary that exists in South Africa and how it continues to be reframed.

Situating Popular Musics

Date Released : 27/06/2011

The 16th biennial conference of the International Study for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) at Rhodes University begins today – 27 June 2011.