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Pocket Money Fund

The Annual Fund Pocket Money fund assists financially needy students, who despite receiving financial aid, have no money left after paying tuition fees and living expenses for necessities such as toiletries.  The fund supplies students with R200 pocket money per month for 10 months of the year. This was originally started by the previous Dean of Students Dr Vivian De Klerk

Policies and Protocols


Student Disciplinary Code

Campus Protection Unit

The Campus Protection Unit (CPU), which operates from Rhodes Avenue adjacent to Hobson House, is committed to protecting the safety of the Rhodes community and its property. Every person on campus is encouraged to exercise caution and common sense with regard to security of persons and property

Community Engagement


Community Engagement at Rhodes University is recognized and respected nationally and internationally as a leader in community engagement; and for its commitment to social and individual transformation, sustainable community development, student civic responsibility and scholarship of engagement.


In pursuit of its vision and that of Rhodes University, the Community Engagement directorate will endeavour to promote a reciprocal process of knowledge construction and dissemination, develop and channel the civic and social responsibility of all students, student organisations and staff of Rhodes University through various community engagement activities, thereby contributing to individual transformation and sustainable human and community development in Grahamstown and the Eastern Cape as a whole.

Infrastracture and Operations

The Division of Infrastructure and Operations provides a number of important services to support the University community in its teaching and learning, research and administrative functions. It is comprised of a number of departments: Residential Operations; Administration, Finances and Procurement; Facilities Servicing; and Infrastructure and Operations Systems.

Facilities Servicing (previously known as Estates) is involved in the operational management of Rhodes University's facilities, including Building and Electrical Maintenance, Grounds and Gardens Maintenance, Fleet management, Campus Protection Services and provision of Civil Services.

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