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Health Care Centre

The nursing staff in the Health Care Centre are ready to provide a professional and caring service to keep you healthly and well during your time as a student and staff member (post level 1-5) at Rhodes. In addition to providing primary health care, the Health Care Centre also runs educational campaigns. Staff at the Health Care Centre can make referrals to a range of other medical services in town, including private doctors and dentists, the Counselling Centre, the psychiatric clinic, the hospital, social workers, private counsellors and TOP services.

Contact: (046) 603 8523 or healthcarecentre@ru.ac.za

Counselling Centre

The Counselling Centre is situated on the top floor of the Bantu Steven Biko Building (off Prince Alfred Street).

Professional, registered psychologists and interns are available to discuss a variety of issues related to student’s mental health and wellbeing.

The centre is open daily from 8-5 and has an afterhours psychological emergency line.

The Counselling Centre specialises in:

  • Confidential counselling
  • Referral information
  • Workshops on relevant issues and
  • Support groups for students with similar interests and goals.
Contact:  (046) 603 7070 or counsellingcentre@ru.ac.za

Career Centre

The Career Centre offers a career counselling and education service to assist students in their career planning and career development while at Rhodes.

Our aim is to encourage and enable students to make and implement well – informed decisions about their future careers.

Services include:

  • Individual career counselling sessions (30-50 minutes) by appointment. This is for registered students and scholars applying to study at Rhodes University.
  • Walk in 5 minute sessions for a quick and brief query – daily 11h00 to 15h00 – no appointment required.
  • An online question facility- a member of staff will provide an answer within 48 hours. Go to the “FAQ” tab at the top of this page.
  • Career assessments for students and scholars – to assist with study choice and career development. This does incur a fee – students at Rhodes University have a discounted rate. Details available on request.
  • Workshops at the Career Centre and in University residences upon request.
    • CV structure, cover letter and job application tips
    • What to expect in an interview.
    • Career Success Strategies
    • Graduate recruitment services – a job portal that advertises available job opportunities, career fairs and company presentations to network with a selection of companies hiring new graduates and various graduate publications available 24/7 at the Career Centre to assist in the job hunting process.
Contact:  (046) 603 7070 or careercentre@ru.ac.za 

HIV Office

The HIV Office has recently relocated from the Health Care Centre to the top floor of Steve Biko Building, next door to the Counselling Centre, opposite SRC offices.  The main purpose of this office is to coordinate the University’s HIV & AIDS programme for both staff and students.  The office employs three staff members, i.e. HIV/AIDS Officer, Data Capture and a Tester to perform the following tasks:

Coordination of HIV/AIDS programme including:

  • Awareness drives to encourage inter alia prevention, care and support of those with HIV and AIDS, positive living, and stigma reduction.
  • Testing campaigns to encourage awareness of one’s status and the promotion of positive living.
  • Peer education/support programmes.
  • Ensuring availability of condoms at appropriate points across campus.

Support for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS including:

  • Ensuring the provision of pre and post-test counselling.
  • Ensuring the provision of ARVs at the HCC and liaison with relevant bodies where necessary
  • Ensuring treatment literacy and compliance with the treatment protocol.
  • Referring to other resources where appropriate

Advocacy including:

  • Ensuring that the policies set are appropriate to support HIV/AIDS work.
  • Ensuring that appropriate resources are allocated.
  • Reporting on activities undertaken,  involvement of staff and students and take-up on support offered
  • Providing information on HIV/AIDS activities to external bodies
Contact: (046) 603 7075


Reporting cases

Students and Staff are encouraged to report any matters of Harassment to the Manager of Student Wellness who will handle the cases

Students (and staff) have four options when reporting:

  1. Just to report for record purposes
  2. To request that the alleged perpetrator be called in and strongly advised to stop behaviour - record kept (complainant may escalate matter at any point) although the Director of Student Affairs has no power to issue a no contact order, they can STRONGLY advise the alleged perpetrator to stop the behaviour
  3. Mediation
  4. Disciplinary action

If point 2 is requested, the Director Student Affairs will facilitate this process

If point 3 is requested (Mediation), this is facilitated by Division of Student Affairs office (there are currently 25 trained mediators)

If point 4 is requested (Disciplinary action), the matter is escalated to individuals who will meet with complainant and establish facts of the case.  The Division of Student Affairs trusts this disciplinary process.  The individual may be referred to the Legal Aid Clinic in New Street to facilitate a possible court interdict, as necessary. The complainant is also welcome to report matter to the South African Police.

If the safety of the student is considered to be a concern, a request may be made to the Vice Chancellor to issue a no contact order.  The Vice Chancellor will then call in the alleged perpetrator and explain that he/she may have no contact with the complainant, in failing to comply with this, they will be immediately suspended.  Only the Vice Chancellor has the right to issue a no contact order.

It is important to consider the interest of the complainant at ALL times. The complainant must be consulted with regards to public notices, media statements, whether lecturers or wardens etc. and  should be informed, and asked whether they are comfortable with e-mail messages etc.

The Division of Student Affairs works very closely with the student to ensure that they are 'protected' throughout the process and that beneficence and non-maleficence are core values.

The Division of Student Affairs office has the students interest at heart. The Office of Equity and Institutional Culture focuses on awareness raising and activism work.

The Vice Chancellor is supportive of the above mechanisms

The student is referred to Counselling and receives support throughout.

Contact: (046) 603 8181 or studentaffairs@ru.ac.za

For information of the Gender Action Forum, please download the following document: GENACT 2014

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