What is an Oppidan?

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What is an Oppidan?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word Oppidan "as an inhabitant of a university town as distinguished from a member of the university itself " i.e. a student living off campus, in accommodation rented independently of Rhodes, is an Oppidan- or Oppi for short. We also call ourselves 'Digs' students.

What is the Oppidan Union?

The Oppidan Community is the single largest student body at Rhodes.  Oppis enjoy the benefits of increased independence and freedom from somr of the structures of life in residence, but off-campus living also provides its own challenges.  Thus the Oppidan Union was formed to help our Oppi's face all these challenges.    The Oppidan Union consists of the Wardens, Sub Wardens and House Committee to help with all your needs.

What is the Oppidan Warden and what do they do?

The Oppidan Hall Warden is responsible for Oppidan Affairs at Rhodes.  They attend all committee meetings and the Wardens ensures that Oppidan Students receive support and advice if they experience any problems while living in digs. 

What is the Oppidan Sub-wardens and what do they do?

Oppidan Sub-wardens help the Hall Warden to effectively run the Oppidan Union, and to provide a high-quality support service to student.  They are pro-actively involved with the Oppidan students and interested in all aspects of their lives-academic,sport, social and personal.  In particular Sub-wardens are there to offer support and advice to new and current Oppidans who are settling into digs life and to offer guidance and direction during times of crises.

What is the Oppidan Committee?

The Oppidan Committee is comprised of Oppidans selected by fellow students. Their mandate is to look after the interests of all students living off-campus and they achieve this by maintaining channels of communication between Rhodes and Oppidans.  They are also resposible for organising events and functions to get the Oppidans together and interacting.

Welcome from the Chairman of the Oppidan Committee:Mvuzo Ponono

Mvuzo Ponono

Chairperson’s Welcome

To Oppidan Students,

On behalf of the 2015 Oppidan Committee, a sincere and warm welcome to those who embark upon their first year as Oppidan Student. To those returning, welcome back to another year at Rhodes University. The previous year was one filled with many activities for Oppidan Students, organised and arranged by a committed committee that worked hard and set the bar high for the Incoming Committee for 2015. We shall work hard to maintain and improve. Coming off a year that was filled with many advances, we look forward to a year of new experiences, new lessons and greater strides for the Oppidan Committee and the students that we represent.

The 2015 Oppidan Committee is comprised of: a Chairperson, a Treasurer and Fundraising Representative, both a male and a female Sports Representative, an Entertainment Representative, a Welfare and Environmental Representative, a Marketing and Media Representative, a Community Engagement Representative, the Student Representative Council (SRC) representative and four Sub-Wardens, all guided and supported by an Adminstrator, Karen van Heerden and two dedicated, passionate Wardens in Janine and Raymond Harris.

A goal held by the committee for the year of 2015 is to increase the number of Oppidan Students who are actively involved and engaged in the various activities that the committee shall organise, with the hope being to welcome more students into the Oppidan family. These activities include the Digs Quiz, The Oppi Olympics and The Purple Playoffs, to mention but a few. Through participation, the committee aims to make Oppidan students feel more included in the life Rhodes University. The activities that we organise are intended to create a firm and stable sense of camaraderie amongst the Oppidan Students, foster a sense of togetherness amongst students that are dispersed throughout Grahamstown and to bridge the gap between Oppi Students in their undergraduate years and those in their postgraduate years. However, the committee does not exist for the sole purpose of organising activities, but also to engage with and fight for Oppidan concerns, whatever they might be.

For the first years that have arrived in Grahamstown, the committee serves the purpose of providing them with the support base that is often overlooked during the transition from High School to University. The Committee assisted first year students during O-week, a time in which we introduced our selves to the new students and, in turn, introduced the students to Rhodes University. The O-week timetable was jam-packed with various activities that we hope eased the transition for the new students, and provided them with the opportunity to make bonds and friendships with fellow students that may last until their very last days at Rhodes University.

With each passing year there are expectations, hopes, desires, moments of joy and moments of sadness, lessons and experiences, and above all, memories that will last for years to come. We as the Committee only hope to share in those moments with all Oppi Students. So feel free to drop by the Oppidan Union office, located in Eden Grove, to talk about any concerns and issues you might have.

So to the students, new and returning, welcome to another year of the best years of your life.


Mvuzo Ponono (Chairperson Oppidan Committee 2015)




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