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Structure of the Programme

Students in this programme are supported in a number of ways. They choose or are allocated a supervisor (or more than one) with whom they work on an individual and ongoing basis. They also benefit from belonging to a community of scholars who are all undertaking the same research journey. 

A number of research weeks are run per year. Students come to Rhodes University for these weeks (usually three per year) and participate in a range of activities designed to support their own research process. The structure and content of the research weeks is negotiated by the candidates and can include guest seminars on particular topics of interest, discussions around key texts, skills workshops, meetings with supervisors and presentations in which candidates report on progress and benefit from feedback from other students and supervisors.

The Faculty of Education has run a series of PhD weeks for a number of years with great success. The Higher Education specific research weeks will be held at the same time as the more general Faculty ones and some sessions may be offered together. In this way candidates will be kept aware of issues in the broad field of education and benefit from membership in the bigger Faculty community of PhD scholars. Many of the sessions will however be specific to the field of higher education.

All candidates are also expected to complete the one week research methodology course offered by the Faculty of Education in their first year of study. This intensive course exposes students to the expectations of this level of study and to the range of methodological choices available for such study. The course is focused on supporting proposal development. The course is run a number of times a year and students can select which dates will suit them.

Between seminars, students maintain contact with their supervisors through email, telephone contact or face to face contact. They are also invited to participate in the online community set up specifically for them. This virtual space allows for discussions and sharing of resources.

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