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Transformation demands universities rethink their role, Lorenzo Fioramonti

"Teaching and learning must be an emancipatory experience for life, not just to get jobs. The Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics at Rhodes has piloted an innovative teaching module that encourages students to explore the nexus between their moral dimension, psychological predisposition and collective social change. It is a beautiful and fulfilling experience for students, especially in the early years of their academic training, which allows them to deepen their understanding of human behaviour in a way that helps them connect with one another rather than through competitive attitudes."

For Fioramonti's article on South African universities' role in transformation:


Curriculum Conversations

For the seventh Curriculum Conversation Pedro Tabensky and Viroshan Naicker speak about what and how they teach in ways that disrupt regular ways of teaching and learning. Pedro, from the Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics (AGCLE), spoke about the Existential Conversations, an innovative new course in which students are challenged to think about what it means to live ethically in the world today while Viroshan, a lecturer in mathematics discussed how he teaches in ways that get students to develop meta-thinking.

Tales of a Divided City, Pedro Tabensky

This is a series of monthly reflections on Grahamstown. The aim is to generate conversation about our place and its meanings.





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