Rhodes University positioned and recognised as a pre-eminent engaged university which is respected nationally and internationally as a leader in community engagement and for its commitment to individual and social transformation, sustainable community development, student civic responsibility and scholarship of engagement.


The Rhodes University Community Engagement (RUCE) Division actively promotes a reciprocal process of knowledge construction and dissemination by promoting knowledge democracy where all who contribute to the making of knowledge are acknowledged.

RUCE inculcates and puts into action the civic and social responsibility of all students and staff of Rhodes University through various community engagement activities and programmes ranging from formal volunteerism to credit bearing programmes.

RUCE oversee the institutionalisation of community engagement at Rhodes University through the process of making the university more responsive to its social context and more accessible to the community.

RUCE strives in all community engagement initiatives to contribute to individual transformation and sustainable human and community development in Grahamstown/Makhanda, the Eastern Cape and nationally.

RUCE endeavours to contribute to building a body of knowledge on community engagement through the scholarship of engagement.

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