To see RhodesUniversity recognised as a pre-eminent engaged university which is respected nationally and internationally as a leader in community engagement, and for its commitment to social and individual transformation, sustainable community development, student civic responsibility and scholarship of engagement.


In pursuit of its vision, and that of RhodesUniversity, the Community Engagement Division will endeavour to promote a reciprocal process of knowledge construction and dissemination, as well as to develop and put into action the civic and social responsibility of all students and staff of RhodesUniversity through various community engagement activities. It is the Community Engagement Division’s mission to oversee the institutionalisation of community engagement, at RhodesUniversity through the processes of making the university more responsive to its social context and making the university more accessible to the community. The Community Engagement Division strives in all community engagement initiatives to contribute to individual transformation and sustainable human and community development in Grahamstown and the Eastern Cape as a whole.??

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