Siyakhana eMakana

Want to build meaningful relationships with community-based organisations while gaining a better understanding of community development processes and project management? Siyakhana@Makana is for you! 

In an effort to support student organisations (societies, residences and sports clubs) to better understand community development processes and the role of volunteers in supporting community-based organisations, RUCE has introduced a programme called Siyakhana eMakana (S@M).

Embarking on an exciting, creative, and challenging learning experience, participants in Siyakhana eMakana will work closely together through a project-planning process for 19 weeks.

Siyakhana eMakana seeks to support students who seek to build meaningful relationships with community organisations while working towards a shared co-created project. Working with a select group of dedicated student organisations, community organisations and independent student teams, Siyakhana eMakana groups will co-create a project based on shared goals and interests from start to finish. 

The idea is to ensure that students gain a more thorough understanding of relationship building and project management.

The 19-week process will see student organisations engaging in focused training and a series of support meetings that will assist them in project planning with the community-based organisation they are partnered with. After 5 weeks, students will present their project proposals to a committee for feedback.

Between July and October, the student organisations will implement the programmes/projects they proposed with the community-based organisations they will be working with. During this time the student organisations will meet for monitoring and evaluation meetings.

We hope that by introducing this process, student organisations will gain a more robust understanding of CE that will enrich their understanding of social justice and community development, as well as supporting the building of meaningful relationships with community-based organisations.


Any student organisation (including residence, societies and sports clubs) may sign up to be a part of the process. A minimum of 5 individuals may form their own team and register to be a part of the programme. A maximum of 40 student organisations/teams will be eligible to be a part of the programme.


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