Siyakhana eMakana

Want to build meaningful relationships with community-based organisations while gaining a better understanding of community development processes and project management?

Siyakhana@Makana is for you! 

Siyakhana eMakana connects students with community-based organisations to encourage the development of meaningful collaboration and deep engagement. Through the programme, community organisations and student groups work together to identify a challnge that is experienced by the community and a plan to address the challenge. The programme aims to facilitate a better understanding of community development processes and how volunteering can support and strengthen community-based organisations. Through the process, students gain a thorough understanding of relationship building and project management.

Student organisation include the Halls and Residences, Societies and Sports Clubs. 

Siyakhana eMakana uses asset-based community development as a framework for its 19-week long project planning process. Community organisations and their selected student organisation are trained in ABCD and project management at the start of the process, before embarking on an exciting, creative, and challenging learning experience. 

The process requires student organisations to participate in training and a series of support meetings that will assist in co-planning the project with their community-based organisation. After five weeks, students present their project proposals to a committee for feedback.

Between July and October, the student organisations implement their proposed projects. During this time the student organisations will meet for monitoring and evaluation meetings.



Any student organisation may sign up to be a part of the process.

Alternatively, five or more students can form a student team, and register to be a part of the programme.

A maximum of 40 student organisations/teams will be eligible to be a part of the programme.


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