Book edited by RUCE is published by SUN Press

Book release
Book release
The Rhodes University Community Engagement Division is proud to share that the book Challenging the “Apartheids” of Knowledge in Higher Education through Social Innovation” published by SUN Press in now available!
This is the first book edited by RUCE with colleagues from different universities and organizations from South Africa.

In order to understand the relationship between social innovation and the reimagining of the knowledge economy necessary to reorient higher education most fully towards the public good, we must draw from the experiences of those working on the front lines of change. This collection represents diverse voices and disciplines, drawing together the critical reflections of academics, students and community partners from across South Africa. The book seeks to bring together theoretical and practical lessons about how research methods can be used in socially innovative ways to challenge the ‘apartheids’ of knowledge in higher education and to promote the democratization of the knowledge economy.


To geta copy of the book, contact RUCE Administration at 046 603 7229