DSAE Mission Statement

The Dictionary Unit for South African English affirms the value and dignity of all of South Africa’s languages, and the need for their documentation and development.

The Unit recognises and values the contribution made by all the country’s languages to the development of South African English, and is committed to reflecting the rich heritage of our multilingual society. We believe that developing a pride in our languages is a potent facet of nation-building.

Considering the central role of English as a language of communication between South Africans, and with the wider world, the Unit is committed to the recording of the history and culture of English in South Africa, and the documentation of its changing vocabulary.

The Unit is committed to producing dictionaries which will enable better access to English by all of the country’s communities, and also to sharing expertise through teaching, training and consultation. It is the Unit’s aim to earn additional revenue in this way, with the aim of lessening dependence on the taxpayer.

In order to contribute to the worldwide study of English, and to ensure that South African English maintains and develops its place as a member of the family of world Englishes, the Unit undertakes to share its knowledge of South African English with the international community of lexicographers.

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