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Associate Editor - Richard Slater

Richard graduated in 2015 from Rhodes University with a BA majoring in Computer Science, English Language and Linguistics, and Classical Latin. He has since earned a BA (Hons) in Computer Science, specialising in the field of machine learning. After a period working with the DSAE as an outsourced consultant, Richard was appointed Associate Editor: Systems Development in 2018.

His passions include reading, writing horribly convoluted and complex compositions and teaching computers to jump through (digital) hoops. A life-long appreciation for word wizardry and the uniquely human way in which we both produce and consume words in vast quantities has combined with his love for computing in a quest to bring dictionaries firmly into the digital realm.

Contact details:

Tel: +27 (0)46 603 7295

Fax: +27 (0)46 603 8107

E-mail: R.Slater@ru.ac.za

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