Purpose and Requirements


  • To reinforce the subject matter of formal lectures,
  • To clear up areas of difficulty,
  • To give instruction on and to review assignments, essays and tests
  • To discuss the application of basic economic principles to practical situations.

What to do before the Tut

  • Advance preparation is expected before each tutorial so that you clear up any problems you may have. Review your lecture notes. Read the textbook.
  • Bring your lecture notes, Economics booklet and textbook to each tutorial.

What to do during the Tut

  • Use the time to ask your questions.
  • Don’t rely on others.
  • If necessary ask your tutor for an appointment at another time to deal with a specific problem.


  • A minimum of 85% must be attended (see DP requirements), i.e.: no more than 2 may be missed without LOA and no more than a further 2 with an acceptable LOA. Your tutor will take an attendance register.
  • Handing in of written prescribed tutorial work on time is required (see ‘DP Requirements’).

Acknowledge the sources: authorities used within the written text of the exercise using the Harvard method (author, date: page no) as required by the Department of Economics and Faculty of Commerce. (See ‘How to Acknowledge/cite References within the Text’)

A List of References is required for every piece of written work submitted including Tutorial Exercises. Use the style as set out in the section on ‘How to list References’.

Doing the Work Yourself

  • Please note, the use of another’s writing or ideas without suitable acknowledgement or copying is regarded as literary theft (‘Plagiarism’) and is treated as a serious breach of academic protocol with potentially very serious consequences. See section on ‘Policy on Plagiarism’.
  • The Economics Department is committed to developing students’ skills in meeting the high standard expected in using and acknowledging material in academic writing.


1. At the top right hand corner write
2. Head each exercise:

  • Economics tutorial exercise (include exercise number)
  • Due date

3. Acknowledge the in-text sources and include a List of References

4. Tutorial Exercise Hand in:

In the Department of Economics corridor in your Tutor’s box

5. Grading Guide for Exercises

To be handed out separately in the first tut.

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