DES well-represented at the Resilience2014 Conference

Dr. Georgina Cundill, two masters students (Karabo Chadzingwa and Nokuthula Dubazane), and a new Phd student, Jessica Cockburn, all travelled to France this month to attend the Resilience2014 conference ( Ms. Chadzingwa and Ms. Dubazane both presented papers, and Dr. Cundill presented two papers and lead a panel session on collaborative governance. A new book in which Dr. Cundill has been involved was launched at the conference, entitled Principles for Building Resilience: Sustaining Ecosystem Services in Social- Ecological Systems (Cambridge University Press). Prior to the conference, Dr. Cundill also attended a meeting of the Programme for Ecosystem Change and Society ( At this meeting Dr. Cundill, together with Dr Michael Schoon from Arizona State University, launched a new working group on collaborative governance and stewardship. So a busy week in was had by all, although everyone managed to enjoy their share of chocolate croissants and good french wine. 

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